2022 Winter Fest Lake Havasu City Feb.

2022 Balloon Fest Lake Havasu City

Was Breezy and our canopy tried to become a balloon and fly away.

2021- 2022 Winter Potluck Jan.

Vietnam Veterans Day, Sunday, March 29th.  Kingman event will be from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Kingman Veterans Memorial Park.  Lake Havasu City starts at 11:00 am London Bridge Plaza Resort Convention Center.

2020 River Run April 24-35 at Mother Road Harley Davidson in Kingman.

Fun Run, May 2, Kingman Locomotive Park.

Summer Picnic August 1st at the Hualapai Mountain Park Rec Site 3, Kingman.

10/26/18 Sisto Sandoval gets installed in the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame!  Congratulations, Sisto!!!!!

9/16/18 Roger from Pocatelo, Idaho won the BBQ grill.  Rogers said he’s never won anything in his life.  That has changed!!!