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Subject: Vietnam medics publish humorous memoir
Date: Fri, September 06, 2019 2:58 pm


Just thought you’d like to know that two Vietnam medics
have recently published “Long Daze at Long Binh,” a
humorous memoir about their wartime experiences with
the 24th Evac Hospital. It’s been getting excellent reviews,
with the Vietnam Veterans of America online magazine
calling it “the best book about REMF (Rear Echelon) life
in South Vietnam during that time period… Nobody will
top it any time soon, if ever.”

Mike Day, past Commander of VFW Post 10556 in Boca
Raton, writes in his Post newsletter (August 2018) that the
book is “a witty expose of behind-the-scenes military life
in Vietnam… it’s neither pro-war nor anti-war, so regardless
of your personal views you should find it hard to put down.”

Maria Beltran, reviewer for, calls
Long Daze “a witty, entertaining and hilarious roller coaster
ride” and “a unique take on the infamous Vietnam war.”
Gordon Long, reviewer for Airborn Press, says it’s “a
fascinating picture of a historical event… not your
usual memoir.”

In addition, the Midwest Book Review (Feb. 2018 issue)
calls Long Daze “a unique and valued contribution to the
growing library of Viet Nam War histories and memoirs.”
You can read all about the book at
where you’ll find reviews, photos and sample chapters.
Currently averaging 4 stars on Amazon and 4.2 stars

Best regards,

Dan Markham

Gene’s RV

VVA975 and AVVA975 donate to the Lake Havasu City VRT team to provide assistance to struggling military veterans. From left to right: Joan McCermott, Cindy Ritter, Dale Quinn, SandyCornejo and Fabian Cornejo.

American Pizza provides our Vietnam Veterans a free pizza! A fantastic “Welcome Home”!.

Greetings Everyone,

Business is Growing! Havasu Memorial Walkway Brick donations are accelerating into the April 1st Deadline. Several dozen bricks have been ordered on the website in recent days. Get on the Path. Share the news and forward this email to friends.

In the recent two weeks the volunteers of the Havasu Freedom Foundation have:

  1. Invited and Received confirmations of the Guest Speakers Dr. Laura Tohe and Zonnie Gorman, both daughters of the original WWII Navajo Code Talkers, for the June 8th 9am Brick-laying ceremonies.
  2. Distributed hundreds of the new HMW brochures, thanks mostly to the Marine Corps League Detachment 757 of Lake Havasu City.
  3. Received positive recognition on radio stations and newspapers, locally and in Wash DC.
  4. Had an excellent Front Page article in The News Herald, Sunday edition, and a soon released mention in the Havasu Magazine.
  5. Completed the list of the Original Code Talker names and confirmed ‘work in process’ by the brick engravers.
  6. Received the narrative for the History Brick for the Navajo Code Talkers, and confirmed the Walkway design.
  7. Updated the MOU with the city, and confirmed property permissions.
  8. Displayed attractive Havasu Memorial Walkway sign along the channel. (see attached)
  9. Regularly updated the Havasu Memorial Walkway Facebook page and have received THOUSANDS of viewers and “Likes”!
  10. Continued with the plans for the June 8th Brick-laying ceremonies with plenty of local publicity and invited dignitaries.
    Once again, this is a huge, long term project. Proceeds will benefit Veterans and our students for many, many years.

…And the “76 Moments of Freedom” history bricks will attract visitors to our city for the next few CENTURIES!

Thanks to all of the many volunteers who have worked to further this walkway. Our city, and those you’ve honored, will be forever grateful.

Gary Meyers
Vice President
Havasu Freedom Foundation

P.S. Please explore the Havasu Memorial Walkway>>>



1/20/19 Bob Barnett received the VVA Achievement Medal at the State Council Meeting.


The Vietnam Veterans of America Mohave County Chapter #975 donates $100 toward fuel and lunch support in May for the Run for The Wall – mission that will fuel at 95/I40 interchange and lunch at Yucca Fire Station.

from (L) to (R)

Pat Farrell (President VVA), Roy Meek (AZ State RFTW Coordinator) accepting check from Dale Quinn (Treasurer).